Why I Sign Emails with #Velocity

Why I Sign Emails with #Velocity

I sign off in my emails with #velocity instead of Regards Here's why:

🏎️ Speed is a Skill

As Patrick Collins of Stripe points out, Speed is a Skill. It can be improved with focused effort over time. As I write in this post titled "Turning Speed into Velocity: Your Vision, Mission, Values & OKRs," velocity is speed applied in a specific direction. And that is what really matters in building successful startups: Learning and iterating a quickly as possible.

Velocity permeates everything we do at Storytell, where I'm CEO. Our goal is to build the right thing fast, instead of the wrong thing right.

Want to go deeper?

Speed really matters in startups. My passion project, FounderCulture, is a community of founders + partners paying their hard-won knowledge forward to help other founders start & scale world-changing companies. FounderCulture has content like:


One last thing

What can you do to become a DEIB Accomplice, Not Just an Ally? Here's my story, as I shared it to current INROADS students: