Why I Sign My Emails with #Velocity

Why I Sign My Emails with #Velocity

If I've emailed you in the past five years, you've probably noticed that I sign off in my emails with #velocity, instead of Regards, or similar. Here's why:

Speed is a Skill

I do this for a few specific reasons. The top reason is that, as Patrick Collins of Stripe points out, Speed is a Skill. It can be improved with focused effort over time. When I was Armory's CEO, I wanted to remind my employees of that, and make that statement to our customers. Now as an advisor to FounderCulture, I do it to remind the Founders in our community of the same thing.

Velocity is Speed, applied

But even more importantly, as I point out in this FounderCulture post titled "Turning Speed into Velocity: Your Vision, Mission, Values & OKRs," velocity is speed applied in a specific direction. And that is what really matters in building successful startups. Here's how I describe it in more detail:

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