My INROADS story

My INROADS story

I've recently become an advisor to INROADS, a program I went through twenty years ago, to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds succeed in the business world. Here's my INROADS story – if you're also an alum, I'd love for you to post a comment and share yours as well.

What is INROADS?

INROADS a non-profit that helps ensure a strong corporate career path for people from disadvantaged backgrounds by pairing interns with corporate sponsors every summer during college. It was founded in 1970 by Frank C. Carr to fix the lack of ethnic diversity in corporate America. Since then, INROADS has expanded to become an international organization serving nearly 2,000 interns annually at over 200 sponsoring corporations.

What does INROADS need today?

I'm working with Forest Harper, the CEO of INROADS, to help fund the creation of a new entrepreneurship program for high school students in disadvantaged neighborhoods. We want to show kids that they can take control of their future. The pilot program is starting this fall at 12 high schools in Oakland, CA, with plans to expand to 25 cities by 2023.

INROADS needs $7MM in funding to achieve this. If you're interested in helping fund this program, please email me.