"DROdio" vs. Daniel or Dan

"DROdio" vs. Daniel or Dan

If I directed you to this post, it might be because you asked "Why DROdio?!"

Here's why I prefer DROdio: My full name is "Daniel Rubén Odio". My handle on LinkedIn, Twitter/X, Github, Facebook and just about everything is a mashup of my initials, "DROdio."

Each of my children's initials is also "DROdio". Hearing "DROdio" and thinking of my kids each time is one of life's small pleasures that's unexpectedly rewarding.

If you're interested in family dynamics and parenting, I wrote about my "5 golden rules" as a parent to 3.5 kids: "The Days are Long, but the Years are Short

Here's my full bio and ReadMe.

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My passion project, FounderCulture, a community of founders + partners paying their hard-won knowledge forward to help other founders start & scale world-changing companies. FounderCulture has content like:


One last thing

What can you do to become a DEIB Accomplice, Not Just an Ally? Here's my story, as I shared it to current INROADS students: