Twitter Nuke: Unfollow Everyone

Twitter Nuke: Unfollow Everyone

My Twitter list, with 4,320 following and 4,884 followers, has gotten to the point where it's just noise, especially with all the spam robots out there.  I can't follow what real people say anymore, and Twitter has lost its intimacy for me.  Just as bad, I'm afraid to contact people via Twitter because I'm worried that I won't see their responses, even though I have auto notifiers set up, there's just too much noise.

So I'm going to take a drastic step:  I'm going to un-follow everyone.

Then, I'll re-follow the people I really want to follow over the upcoming days.

So if you're one of the people I un-followed, first off, I apologize for the rude behavior, and chances are if you care enough to notice, I'll probably be following you again soon.  And if I'm not, just ping me, because I probably just didn't realize I nuked you (again, so sorry).

Thanks to CloudAppers and UnfollowEveryone for creating a script that allowed me to nuke my twitter account.

Here's a post I found by Loic Le Meur doing the same thing while I was researching how to go about unfollowing everyone.