Still Betting on Elon

Still Betting on Elon

Back in 2012, when TSLA was $32/share, I wrote this blog titled “I’m Betting on Elon,” and I considered TSLA to be a $1,000/share stock within a decade. Now, just 8 years later, it’s trading above $900 a share, valuing Tesla above VW as the worlds second most valuable car company, behind Toyota.

But still I don’t think most people realize how far ahead Elon is thinking.

My bet is that all of his businesses all tie back to one goal: Populate Mars. And within the coming decades, we will see them all come together like a master-stroke symphony.

Above is a great video that talks about why SpaceX is creating the starlink satellite system — The TL;DR is that it is a way to create lower latency connections than are possible on earth, that financial institutions will pay mega bucks for. This will boost SpaceX’s revenue by 10X from $3Bn to $30Bn annually.

Starlink will give SpaceX more funding than an NASA to do R&D to have humans populate Mars.

And why is Elon creating a boring company to tunnel through the earth? Something that seems completely unrelated to everything else he’s doing? My bet is that it’s because Mars does not have the same atmospheric protections for humans that the Earth has. Humans will have to live underground on Mars in order to be protected from killing levels of radiation.

And why build electric cars? Tesla PowerWalls? Solar shingles? Having knowledge of electric powertrains would come in very handy for living and transport on Mars. heck, the cybertruck practically looks like a Mars rover already.

Go Elon!!!