How I like to do intros

How I like to do intros

I like to make introductions to someone in my network in a specific way. If you've recently asked me for an intro, I may have sent you to this page. Here's the I'd like to ask you to use:

1) Send me an email with something like the following:

DROdio, could you ask [NAME] if they'd be open to an intro? Here's more detail:

[Put a few sentences in on why NAME would want to speak/meet with you]


Your Name

2) I'll then forward that email to the person you want an intro to, and if they respond positively, I'll connect the two of you.

In this way, I'm not obligating the person to take the intro by just surprising them with it.

I'd also recommend you think about a mutual value exchange when you ask for the intro – although you're the one asking for the intro, what benefit will the other person get by taking the intro? I.e., make it about more than just what you'll get from it. This way, it's much more likely the person will want to accept the intro request.

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