When YOU are the brand

When YOU are the brand

My buddy Brian Orosco just showed me his demo reel, and it's sick.

I spend most of my day figuring out how to create a successful software platform company, so it was great to see someone focusing on many of the same topics, but with him as the brand.  He has to package, market and sell his unique skillsets as a master in parkour.  It's a fun, refreshing look at what it's like being an entrepreneur outside of the software ecosystem.

If you're in Brian's position, definitely check out my post on how to get press, how to be a superstar by producizing your services, and how to build a personal brand.

Here's Brian's demo reel:

PS -- this is the first post I've written since I switched my blog over to the SETT blogging platform, from Wordpress. I interviewed Tynan, one of the founders of SETT and I'll be posting that soon with details on why I'm so bullish on what SETT is all about.