What Does It Take To Be a Great Dad?

What Does It Take To Be a Great Dad?

Over on my entrepreneur + tech blog, I post about an area I'm very familiar with: Technology & startups.

Now, I'm embarking on a much bigger challenge: Fatherhood.

Yep, I'm going to be a dad. Here's a picture of our daughter, who will be joining us sometime in late October 2013:

For now, we're calling her "Baby DROdio."

As my wife and I embark on this new chapter in life, I'm going to blog about it over here, on LifeWeTravel. I want to keep my other blog focused on lifehacking & tech, while focus here on family & travel.

I've never been a father before, so I'll be doing a lot of research to ramp up on it, and I'll be relying heavily on family & friends who have already been through it. I'd love to get your thoughts as comments on this blog. At the end of the day, I'll just have to hope that all my life experiences have prepared me to be a great dad.

So here's my first question for you: What does it take to be a great dad? Anyone have any advice?