We Won Disruptathon :)

We Won Disruptathon :)

Disruptathon is a unique event, largely because the audience votes for the winners in realtime via a mobile app, but also because it focuses on disruption.

Last night I presented Socialize in the Disruptathon competition which took place at Gannett's headquarters.  ReadWriteWeb, which covered the event, had this to say:

Socialize was proclaimed the winner by the crowd, which voted on special iPod Touches that were handed out to the audience and returned to tabulate the final results. Socialize provides websites with a software developer kit (SDK) intended to "quantify the interest graph." Of the eight companies that took the stage, Socialize was the company with the clearest technological vision and most potential to be integrated on a large scale within media apps. CEO Daniel R. Odio described it as "unleashing the community that is hiding in your app."

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!  Here's Disruptathon's press release.

You can watch the seven minute video here:

And you can see the awards ceremony here:

Thanks to Pete Erickson for his fantastic work, and to the Socialize team for building such an amazing company with me.  Pete, we want to see Disruptathon come to Silicon Valley!