Waiting For a Trigger

Waiting For a Trigger

I've recently noticed how often people wait for a trigger before they start something.

By this, I mean that people don't start a project until some seemingly related (and usually out of the person's control) event happens.

For example, I have a friend who's trying to figure marketing strategies out for his real estate career, but he's considering moving to a different state.  So he's been holding off on doing any marketing until he moves.

What I told him was, "why wait?"  Even if he moves, the strategies & knowledge he gains from starting now will serve him well in his new market.  And waiting will cost him at least a month in time.  A month is a LONG time when you're running your own business.

I'm convinced that a large part of the justification people give themselves to wait is based in fear (see my related post).  The reality is that we are creatures of habit, and it usually takes an external "jolt" to get us to change those habits.  But since those jolts are external by definition, we have no control over when (or even if) they happen, so we become enslaved to these external factors which in reality have nothing to do with the decisions we need to make.  So BREAK OUT of the "waiting for something to happen" mentality and just force yourself to start that project, or make that decision today.

To use a golf analogy, my goal is always to be moving the ball forward on the green every day, even if just by a few inches or feet.  So make it a priority to move your ball down the green for any project, even if just by a bit, every single day.