VC Panel at the Digital Media Conference

VC Panel at the Digital Media Conference

I captured a panel of VCs at yesterday's phenomenal Digital Media Conference.  On a related note, I've written a series of blog posts about our experience raising $1MM for AppMakr.  The raise took us 14 weeks, and my goal is to help other entrepreneurs do it more quickly and efficiently.  You can read about my "Fundraising Cribsheet Manifesto" here.  Hope it's helpful.

PANEL: Investing in Digital Media: VCs Speak
(Digital Media Track)

Philip Bronner, General Partner, Novak Biddle Venture Partners
Don Rainey, General Partner, Grotech Ventures
Tige Savage, Managing Director & EVP, Revolution LLC
Thanasis Delistathis, Managing Partner, New Atlantic Ventures
Moderator: Paul Sherman, Editor-in-Chief, Potomac Tech Wire

I also captured keynotes by Steve Case & John Trimble, a panel by research analysts on digital media trends, and I did a panel on the iPad + Media.

Here is video of the panel, and the Twitter stream is below that: