Using a QR code to board a flight

Using a QR code to board a flight

Today I checked in to a Delta flight using my mobile phone and was surprised to see a QR code pop up (this one specifically was an Aztec-type QR code).

Typically I never have a printer around when I need one, to print a boarding pass, which has made checking in with a mobile device pretty useless.

But with this QR code, I was able to go through security, and also check in, just by scanning my phone.  No printer required.  The video below shows the experience.

Want to try it yourself?  If you have an iPhone, just download this app called NeoReader, and then scan the code at right on this screen.  It'll take you to the webpage of this blog.  I built the QR code using this QR code generator.

Thanks to Patrick Donnelly for a quick QR code education!