Twilio had a great Startup Waffles event in San Francisco this morning.  If you're not familiar with Twilio, check them out - they're taking what have traditionally been hardware-based telecom solutions and putting them into the cloud with deep API integration to foster innovation in the telco space.  Here is a slideshow of pics from the event.

On the way out, literally on the elevator as I was leaving, I met Dr. Christian Floerkemeir, the CTO & Co-Founder of Mirasense, which has a really killer barcode scanning engine.  It can scan through barcodes that have been partially marked out, or in hard to read packaging, in literally seconds.  It's one of the best barcode scanning tools I've seen (the other was RedLaser, which was recently acquired by eBay).  Cristian, who credits his PhD research as part of the reason the engine is so good, gave me a demo of the technology:

Group shot of the people who were there:

And here's a great sticker on one of the Twilio computers: