I just sat down with Arte Merritt, who recently started a great new job at Turner Broadcasting (owner of many channels you know like CNN, TNT, TBS, CartoonNetwork, etc).  Arte's job is to help Turner get closer to innovative startups, and he's got cash to back it up.

Turner is the creator of some very forward-thinking brands in media -- back when CNN was launched, 24/7 news was a big departure from the standard evening news cycle.  And Turner has continued to make bold moves in programming, recently picking up Conan O'Brien on TBS.  But Turner wants to explore new and disruptive media distribution channels, and according to Artie, they figured there was no better group than scrappy technology entrepreneurs to help Turner regain a strong, innovative leadership position.

Just over six months ago, Turner opened a San Francisco office and has now ramped up MediaCamp, a twelve week accelerator program that includes a $20k cash component.  Think Y Combinator-style mentorship combined with access to Turner's internal teams.  Applications for MediaCamp are due on April 16th, so if you have a technology that could disrupt the media space and you're interested in applying, fill out the quick application (looks like it should take about 10 minutes) to be considered.

Here's a video of Arte laying the details of MediaCamp out, and why Turner's doing it: