It still surprises me that people send emails out like this one where they cc dozens -- or in this case hundreds-- of  (well known) people. The biggest risk is a complete lack of control over what a recipient will say when they 'reply to all'.

I'm writing this blog post so I can send it as my 'reply to all' response when I get emails like these. I may as well educate someone to the dangers of what they've done as well as the etiquette rules they've broken by doing so.

If you've arrived at this post because you're a fellow mass cc recipient like I was, welcome. Do you want to get some value out of the mass cc email you've endured? Why not read one of my blog posts about technology for entrepreneurs?  Maybe the one highlighting my fundraising manifesto, about how AppMakr raised $1MM leveraging AngelList (with interviews of Naval as well as George of CRV and Shai of SVB).  Or the one about our awesome company culture and our company's Core Values Manifesto.  Or maybe about the Things I Know to be True.

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