Things on my to-do list before I die...

  1. Get married - Done!
  2. Have children - Done!
  3. File at least 1 patent - Done!
  4. Go Kite Boarding in Aruba - Done!
  5. Go to Burning Man - Done!
  6. Visit Machu Picchu in Peru - Done!
  7. Start & sell a company - Done! x3!
  8. Run a 50 miler - Done!
  9. Run 26.2 miles (a marathon)... 26 times - Seven done, 19 to go!
  10. Take a company public
  11. Travel fulltime for at least 1 year
  12. Go to Carnaval in Brasil
  13. Learn to scuba dive
  14. Hike Gros Piton, on Lesser Antilles, St. Lucia
  15. Learn to fly an airplane
  16. Go to the Olympics
  17. Do the Badwater Ultramarathon
  18. Go to space
  19. Learn to play the guitar
  20. Speak in front of a crowd of 10,000+ people
  21. Do an Ironman Triathlon
  22. Snowboard in the Alps
  23. Visit Angel Falls in Venezuela
  24. Travel from Venice to Paris on the Orient Express
  25. Sail down the Nile in Egypt on the wooden sailboat Dahabiyya
  26. Stay at Wolwedans in Nambia
  27. Stay in Las Brisas, mexico at the Las Brisas Del Valle Inn (the Lulu room supposedly is the best)
  28. Go to the Great Barrier Reef
  29. Visit the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica
  30. Stay at Mohonk Mountain
  31. Take a helicopter or train to the Tall Timber Resort in Durango, CO
  32. Have a private party for friends and have Cirque du Soleil perform
  33. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Dublin
  34. Visit Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands
  35. Visit Isla Margarita off the coast of Venezuela (and have a margarita while I'm there!)
  36. Watch a Space Shuttle (or similar) launch
  37. Run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain
  38. Go to Monaco
  39. Ski in Arosa, Switzerland
  40. Drink "Stramberk Trubac" beer, brewed in Stramberk, Czech Republic
  41. Visit the Maldives Republic - 300 miles south of India
  42. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
  43. Visit the Kremlin in Russia
  44. Visit Stonehenge in the UK
  45. Visit Petra in Jordan
  46. See the statues of Easter Island, in Chile
  47. See the pyramids of Giza in Egypt
  48. Visit the Great Wall of China
  49. Buy property in Costa Rica
  50. Swim in Devil's Pool (at the edge of Victoria Falls)
  51. Stay at Hotel Igloo Village in Kakslauttanen, Finland, and see the northern lights
  52. Learn Korean
  53. Drive Germany's Nurburgring Race Track
  54. Ride a motorcycle around Kauai island
  55. Dive GrĂ¼ner See (Green Lake) lake in Styria, Austria

Here are things that were on my list but I've since taken off:

  • Climb Mt. Everest