The Power of YouTube vs. Goliath

The Power of YouTube vs. Goliath

Yesterday, my iPhone stopped working. No warning, it just stopped receiving calls. I could still make calls, but not receive any.

After 2+ hours on the phone with both AT&T and Apple customer support, I got fed up, and I posted a YouTube video of my phone not working (see screenshot at left).

I also used (of which I am a member) to find a few VP-level AT&T employees, and I sent them this email:

Patty, Erika,

I'm sure you're both very busy. I hope you have a minute to handle a customer issue.

I was hoping there was someone within AT&T wireless' executive support I could speak to about a big problem with my AT&T iPhone.

I posted a YouTube video explaining the problem (my phone often doesn't ring when people call me):

And the most amazing thing happened. By this morning I had received a phone VM from the Virginia area regional customer service manager and the email below:

"Daniel Ruben Odio-Paez, We have received notification of an issue with a wireless account. Unfortunately, we did not receive the wireless number or account number with the issue. We will need this information in order for us to better assist you. Thank You, Kim Kirtley Office of the President NE Region"

It just goes to show you how aware even big companies are of the power of YouTube. The video had only gotten 23 views but it still garnered a very immediate response.

Kim and the Virginia VP rep were both very helpful in getting my issue resolved, so I took the video down (I'm not trying to be mean, after all). I still can't fully recommend the iPhone because it's been so buggy, but at least now I have VP-level contacts I can call when I have my next problem.