I moderated a stellar group of panelists at yesterday's Digital Media Conference in Arlington, VA, where we talked about the iPad's disruptive effect on media (speaking of disruption, check out the Disruptathon event the night before DMC).  Here are the panel details:

PANEL: Media on the iPad and Tablets
(Digital Media and Mobile Tracks)

Matt Jones, VP Mobile Strategy & Operations, Gannett
Rob Pegoraro, Tech Writer/ Former Washington Post Tech Columnist
Martin Ringlein, Co-founder & Senior Consultant, nclud
Jeff Tennery, SVP, Publisher Services, Millennial Media
Moderator: Daniel Odio, CEO & Co-founder, Socialize Inc.

I also captured keynotes by Steve Case & John Trimble, a panel by VCs, and research analysts discussing digital trends.

Here is video of the panel, and the Twitter stream is below that: