Steve Case was interviewed by Paul Sherman at yesterday's Digital Media Conference in Arlington, VA.

I also captured a panel by research analysts on digital media trends, a panel by VCs, and I did a panel on the iPad + Media.

I asked Steve a question about focus, saying that as an entrepreneur I had to be extremely focused, but I saw him doing many things (he's Chairman of Revolution, StartupAmerica and The Case Foundation) and I asked him if the need for extreme focus lessened when one has many resources at his disposal.  He said 'no,' but then said his focus is on entrepreneurship, which didn't make a lot of sense to me.  I could, for example, say that my focus is on entrepreneurship too, or that my focus is on being a human.  Saying one has focus at too macro a level seems to cheapen the value of focus and render it meaningless.  Or, maybe I just don't understand his position because I don't have access to the kind of wealth he does to execute his vision.  What's your opinion?  I'd love to hear your comments below.

Here's Steve's interview.

A little bonus -- John Trimble, the Chief Revenue Officer of Pandora, gave a keynote right after Steve, and I captured that one too: