At the Goldman Sachs 2011 Technology and Internet Conference.  You can also see other related panels where I captured content.

This was the Social Gaming Panel at Goldman Sachs 2011 Technology and Internet Conference, which featured (from right to left)

  • Goldman Sachs moderator
  • Chris Rooke, SVP Biz Dev at Social Vibe
  • Trip Hawkins, founder and CEO at Digital Chocolate
  • Ranah Edelin, COO at Raptr
  • Lisa Morino, COO at RockU

My Notes:

(Yes that's Ben Parr from Mashable sitting in the first row, bottom left of the photo)

Lisa Morino said something interesting about an "Interest Graph" that tracked closely with Max and Bill's panel - "I find people who share interests -- a group of "whales" -- that go from game to game to game."

Lisa Morino: 25% to 40% is from people who don't want to pay but engage in activities which generate revenue (like watching ads)

Chris Rooke: Only 3% of brand advertising is done online -- brand advertising is the "sleeping giant" in the online space

Trip Hawkins:  People will be "shocked" at how quickly mobile grows and how quickly games move over.

Here's the Video: