Project Stargate is Live!

Project Stargate is Live!

I wrote a blog about Project Stargate, as well as SimpleGeo's implementation of it. The hardware has arrived in both SF and DC and it's LIVE!

It's working really well. Like, really well. We had a bit of a mic echo, but a tip from star mr-fix-it Nick Petrella to put the Mic behind the speakers fixed that (seriously, should that really work? But it did!)

We just keep the mic's muted unless one of us wants to talk to someone else - then we un-mute the mic and shout out that person's name to get their attention.

One kind of weird thing is we're not sure what to say when we're done. Do you say goodbye? I mean, it's always on - it's not like the connection is being turned off. So for now we're saying "stargate" when we're done. (yes it's stupid, but fun).

Here's a video of Project Stargate in action:

And here's our request for some YC company to come along and make it better: