I caught the 2nd half of the Online Local Panel with the following panelists:

  • Bill Austerly, CEO at Angie's List
  • Tristen Walker, Biz Dev at Foursquare
  • John Backs, CFO at LivingSocial
  • Court Cunningham of Yodle

I only caught the second half of this panel (I was at the Max Levchin and Bill Gurley panel) so I don't have a ton of notes on this one, but the video is interesting.  You can also see other related panels where I captured content.

My notes:

local sales is critical... livingsocial hiring 400 to 500 more salespeople "in the street" this year alone... self-service products are not right for SMB; need to have "feet in the street" and it's time and labor intensive

Here's the video: