OneMarket Startup Space in San Francisco

OneMarket Startup Space in San Francisco

View of the Ferry Building from OneMarket space

I've written about other cool SF-based startup spaces before, including SOMAcentral and StartupHouse.

OneMarket Atrium

There's another cool new space in downtown SF called OneMarket.  It's more "corporate" than the other spaces, but it's cool.  I'd describe StartupHouse as the most scrappy -- it's a class B building, but the people behind it have big plans for it.  SOMAcentral, on the other hand, is like grown up shared desks, where startups have offices with doors (it's an old law firm space).  OneMarket, on the other hand, is more like a New York corporate highrise office building, with a huge atrium and other large tech companies in it like

The OneMarket space is large and open, with great views of the city and the Ferry Building one one side.  It's also right between Market & Mission streets, which means it has good access to public transportation.  Parking can be difficult (or expensive if monthly) but you're faced with the same problems at SOMAcentral as well (you can likely find cheaper parking at StartupHouse, which has some parking spaces and is in an edgier neighborhood.)  See the map below the videos & photos for details of all three locations.

If you'd like to get an intro to the folks running OneMarket, leave a comment below.  (If you're interested in StartupHouse or SOMAcentral, please leave comments on those blog posts).

Here's a video of my cofounders Sean & Isaac doing a walkthrough of OneMarket, with more photos below that.