I recently attended GigaOM's Mobilize 2010 conference in San Francisco, where many speakers pontificated on the current and future impact of mobile.  The event was good and fast-paced, although I wished some of the panels could've gotten more in-depth.  Kudos to my friend Teck Chia who spoke on a panel at the event.

One interesting keynote was from Nicholas Negroponte, the creator of the One Laptop Per Child initiative.  He spoke about the history of the program, and what's worked, and what hasn't worked, as well as his move into tablets instead of laptops.  He gave some compelling reasons why tablets would help 3rd world countries leapfrog the US educational system, and how he's working to create tablets that allow users to create content, not just consume content (the key, he says, is content creation - without it, everyone is just a bunch of couch potatoes).

Here's the video of his talk: