Mobile Security Panel at CES: "Tale of the Tablet"

Mobile Security Panel at CES: "Tale of the Tablet"

Thanks to the folks at CES and the Department of Homeland Security for inviting me to participate on a panel focused on mobile security titled Tale of the Tablet.

The panel focused on hardware, software and social security on mobile devices.   If you're curious about the challenges the enterprise is facing securing mobile devices in this "BYOD" (bring your own device) world, you'll enjoy the panel.  I was impressed that DHS coordinated a panel like this -- especially that they thought to include a company like Socialize that's focusing on the social privacy & security issues vs. the traditional hardware/software issues facing mobile security.  As I said in my intro, "I'm not a hardware or software security guy, but I'm here because often the biggest point of vulnerability in a device is the human using it."

Greg Schaffer, Acting DHS Deputy Undersecretary moderated.   Other panelists included:

  • Prasanna Mulgaonkar: Director, Endpoint Security Software and Services, Software and Services Group, Services Division, Intel Corporation
  • Dr. Phyllis Schneck: Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Global Public Sector, McAfee
  • Christy Wyatt: CVP and GM, Enterprise Business, Motorola Mobility
  • Scott Totzke: Senior Vice President, BlackBerry Security, Research in Motion

Here's the panel description:

This panel of public- and private-sector representatives will discuss the complexities the technology industry faces as its consumers become increasingly mobile and the measures to keep these devices secure constantly changes. The panel will discuss how manufacturers can continue producing the most up-to-date programs without impeding security. You'll hear from the manufacturers and app developers who are working furiously to create the latest programs to work across multiple operating systems and the government divisions and software security developers who are striving to protect consumers with new security applications. The panel will also consider what responsibility the industry should have in assisting consumers to apply the stringent cyber security measures at home, and how government collaboration or oversight can factor in to the solution. The Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Security Division will moderate the engaging discussion and debate.