Matt talks about the magical "moment"

Matt talks about the magical "moment"

Matt Wise is a co-founder of Cosemble, a hot new social ticketing engine that's been getting some great buzz.

In the video above, I caught up with him in the kitchen of SOMAcentral, where we both work, as he was telling me about the magical "moment" when strangers started using Cosemble on their own -- people that he didn't have to ask to use the platform.

It's a feeling like no other that any successful entrepreneur can tell you about:  The feeling of creating value.  Of having made something, from nothing, and the joy of watching strangers use the product or service that was once just an idea in your head.

As Matt describes it, when the first event was created on Cosemble that wasn't from them prodding friends to try it, he and his co-founder Andy just stared at the screen in disbelief that the ticketing platform was actually working.

Kudos to Matt and Andy, and I'm excited to see what Cosemble turns into.  A screenshot of the site is below.