Massive Twitter Secret: Get 2000+ Followers

Massive Twitter Secret: Get 2000+ Followers

So I'm actually pretty reluctant to post this Twitter secret I've figured out, because it's actually a pretty amazing secret, but in the spirit of always being as open as possible, here goes.  Plus, I owe an explanation to Mark Boslet of the blog TechPulse360 of how I did it (whom I met while presenting at the Dow Jones Wireless Innovation Conference today), and another of my guiding principles is always to blog about something whenever possible (Henry Ford-style) so I don't have to repeat myself.

So here's how to get 2,000 plus followers in 10 days(ish):

(Caveat, I'm only at 664 followers as I write this, but I've only been at it for two days, so I think 2000+ in 10 days is totally achievable)

(Second caveat - you may not want to have 2000 followers.  More is not necessarily better, except when it is.  It's up to you.)

OK so I am assuming you have a Twitter account already.  And maybe you've made a bunch of updates, but you just don't have that many followers and would like more.

So the first thing you should do is head over to (note - not - no "w" at the end! Important).  They have a stupendously amazing feature that lets you automatically follow up to 500 people for any keyword topic of interest.  So if you like cars, for example, just tell Twollo to have you follow anyone who twitters about cars.

Within a day or two you'll be following several thousand people.  About 30% of them will follow you back.

But there's a catch:  Twitter only lets you follow 2,000 people.  Actually it's more complicated than that.  This blog does a good job of explaining it, so read & understand it.

So now you'll need a bulk-unfollow program to get rid of all the people you followed that didn't follow you back.

Presto, enter Twitter Karma.  It lets you look up all the people you're following but aren't following you back.  You just have to show "Only Following" and then "Bulk Unfollow" at the bottom.

Presto, your Twitterverse should now be equalized once again.  And the best part is, Twollo should automatically keep adding people you follow (that's what it does) so you just have to manually run Twitter Karma whenever you get up to 2,000 following to clean it out, and your overall number of followers will keep increasing!


PS it helps if you have great content, but surprisingly it's really not necessary.  For example, I got 279 followers for with only 3 updates!