Mark Jacobstein, CEO of iSkoot, sat down with me to talk about Qualcomm and its upcoming initiatives.

iSkoot was acquired by Qualcomm last year, and now Mark is VP of Product Management for Qualcomm.

The reason I'm so fascinated by Qualcomm is due to its integrated approach to hardware and software.  I always thought of Qualcomm as a hardware company, but many of its current initiatives are software-focused.  And not just that -- Qualcomm is moving rapidly to expose its tight integration of hardware+software as services for developers, such as its Yagatta initiative, which as its website says, "brings text, voice and images together in a single conversation. So you can write it, say it or show it - just like in real life. Sharing your own voice and your own images helps bring your messages to life."

Mark also talks about what it's like being a small startup being acquired by a large company, and how he's working to influence Qualcomm's company culture to be as nimble as possible.

Here's the full interview with Mark:

Mark Jacobstein - VP Product Management at Qualcomm: Way more than hardware