Jason Calacanis Lets It Loose at FounderShowcase

Jason Calacanis Lets It Loose at FounderShowcase

Just got back from attending FounderShowcase , an awesome event put on by Adeo Ressi of TheFunded.  It showcased a number of Silicon Valley-based startups pitching judges which included George Zachary of Charles River Ventures (who is awesome, by the way), Sarah Lacy and other VCs.

Before the startups pitched, Adeo interviewed Jason Calacanis, a very controversial Silicon Valley figure.  And let me tell you, he really let it all loose in his talk - especially with advice on how to fundraise.  He's up first in the video below.

The second video continues the startup pitches, and the third video has an interview of veteran entrepreneur Elon Musk by TechCrunch author Sarah Lacy.

Here's Video 1 of 3:

Here's Video 2 of 3:

Here's Video 3 of 3 (interview with Elon Musk by Sarah Lacy)