Immigration secrets & pro-tips for hiring foreign workers

Immigration secrets & pro-tips for hiring foreign workers

Just got off an awesome 75 minute video Skype chat with Denise Hammond of Hammond Immigration (video below).

Denise and her team just adeptly and successfully handled the procurement of an E3 Visa for an Android developer we hired from Australia.  I was so impressed with her depth and breadth of knowledge in the immigration space that I asked her to share it with the world, and she agreed.

In this knowledge-transfer session, Denise talks about:

  • How the immigration process works, and how the permanent (Green Card) vs. non-permanent (H1-B, L1, E2, E3) processes differ
  • Pro tips on procuring an H1-B visa for an employee, including what to do and not to do
  • What the timeframe is and important dates are for going through the H1-B process
  • How to convert an OPT (student visa w/ work authorization) into an H1-B, and what the pitfalls are
  • How Australia carved out a special E3 visa that doesn't have the 65,000 annual cap limit, and how to take advantage of it
  • Why the Green Card process can drag on for 9+ years, how to handle it and handle employees or prospective employees who want green cards
  • Tons of more information!

If you have questions for Denise or want to hire the firm, you can contact them via their website,  If you just have questions about the immigration process, especially from a startup founder's perspective, please put them in the comments below, and I'll ask Denise to answer them as she's able to.

Here's the video: