To me, this is part of what being an entrepreneur is all about. Turning around in the taxi line, embarrassing yourself in front of hundreds of people, and seeing what happens. Often times, it's something good, because nobody else is willing to try it.

Here is a trasnscript of the video:

This is the cab line I just waited in 30 minutes for. I’m gonna try something entrepreneurial here. I’m gonna go back to the end of the line and i’m gonna see if anybody wants to pay for my cab ride in exchange for skipping this line. Ready, so here we go. This is what being entrepreneur is all about. I’m walking backwards in line right now. To try to find where the line starts. It's scary to do this stuff like theres all these people watching but you just gotta do it, see how it goes. Who knows maybe we'll have success maybe we won’t. Trying to get back to the end of the line here. Okay im going backwards here, going backwards still. Still going backwards, still going backwards in line. Okay so this is what I think is like the optimal spot you'll see how it goes.

Okay here we go so that’s the end of the line.

Is anybody going to the Wynn?

Anybody going to the Wynn?

Okay no one's going yet.

If anybody’s going to the Wynn and wants to skip the line i’ll let you in if you pay my cab fee.

Is anybody wanna skip a 30 minute wait and pay for my cab i’ll let you cut in line with me.  It’s a 30 minute wait from where you’re standing. Anybody?

I need to go to the Wynn, if anybody wants to go to the Wynn and pay for my cab i’ll let you skip in line with me you save 30 minutes.

Is anybody wanna save a half hour?

So no one’s taking  me up on it. You’ll all see how it goes. Is anybody wanna save a half hour in line, pay my cab fee to go to the Wynn? Join me in my cab. No takers yet. Is anybody wanna save a half hour in line i’m going to the Wynn. “Are you going to the Wynn?”-woman. Yeah, if you pay my cab fee i’ll let you cut in line with me. “Done!”-woman. Alright lets do it. Alright we got somebody, awesome. Alright come on in. Alright we got it. That’s what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. Alright Chow.