That's Barg wearing Google Glass above and also below

A DC-based startup called dSky9 is creating some super interesting apps for Google Glass. At yesterday's Mobile Outlook 2013 event, the founders Barg & Greg showed off a Glass Simulator they've created to develop apps for Google Glass.

A few interesting things about Glass:

  • There's no documented SDK for Glass, but it's easy enough to connect and put into debug mode to start developing for it. So technically, you're hacking glass, but it's something Google sanctions (even if unofficially, for now)
  • Glass is running a modified version of Android. Building an app for Glass means you're actually dropping an .apk directly into Glass -- not the paired Android phone.
  • There are lots of incredibly sexy things that could be done with Glass, especially since it's facial gesture-sensitive. One developer, for example, made an app that snaps a photo every time the wearer blinks.

Here's the video of their talk:

Here's another picture of Barg:

If you've never heard of or seen Glass, here's a great video that describes the experience of wearing it: