You might know SecondMarket as the go-to stock exchange for private companies, but apparently they're also positioning themselves as thought leaders in the mobile space as well.  It's smart -- I've said before that mobile will be way bigger than people realize, and it feels like they think so too.

Props to Adriana for setting this event up; it was stellar.  Here are some quick notes I took on what was covered, but take a look at the video below to consume the entire thing:

  • Android in-app purchase
  • Year of tablets... Tablets in enterprise
  • Vitality in mobile and importance of Facebook and twitter
  • Mobclix, one of the creators of Cost Per Install, about apples change in policy
  • Ngmoco says html5 isn't there yet

With the world requiring instant communication and access to information at the touch of a finger, companies are responding by utilizing mobile applications in ever more creative and pervasive ways.  Join SecondMarket for our upcoming Breakfast Roundtable, featuring industry experts who will discuss trends and opportunities within the mobile marketplace.

Featured speakers:

  • Charles Hudson, CEO and co-founder, Bionic Panda Games
  • Holger Luedorf, VP of Mobile, Foursquare
  • Jason Oberfest, VP of Social Applications, ngmoco
  • Michael Shim, VP of Mobile, Groupon
  • Krishna Subramanian, CEO and co-founder, Mobclix
  • Moderator:  Tim Chang, Partner, Norwest Venture Partners

Here's the video: