I spent a few minutes with Brian Krejcarek, founder of Green Goose.  I walked the entire demo pit at the LAUNCH conference, and Green Goose was by far the most interesting company in the pit.

Green Goose has created proprietary hardware running at 915 MHz in the form of small stickers that can be stuck onto everyday devices, such as pill bottles, toothbrushes, toys, etc.  as well as a software platform that makes these ordinary devices "smart".  The stickers connect to a small device that plugs into a home router (styled like a small green egg) and has approx. a 200' range.

Brian gave me a demo of the technology platform by brushing his teeth, playing with toy swords and taking his daily medication.  After each action, a web app showed the action having been taken, and brian accrued points for each action.  This is a cool, real-world way to stop data from being lossy (see Manifesto point #13) and capture it in fun ways.  It gets to the "gamification" trend (props to Nathan Lands of Gamify.com!) that's impending.

Here's Brian's working demo of Green Goose's technology: