This is another in a series of blogs covering our experience raising $1MM for AppMakr.  You can find all the posts at Fundraising Cribsheet: Guide To The Fundraising Manifesto.

I sat down today with Stephen DeBerry, a partner at Kapor Capital.  Stephen has been my main point of contact for Kapor Capital's investment in AppMakr, and was very helpful in guiding us as we put the deal together.

In this interview we covered various topics, including deal structure points Stephen recommends, mistakes he sees entrepreneurs making consistently, the importance of having a local legal counsel to navigate the intricacies of deal terms in Silicon Valley, how best to pitch Kapor Capital (and just as importantly, how not to pitch them), and much more.

This video is in two parts, as my main Kodak Zi8 camcorder battery died, so I captured the 2nd half on my iPhone.  Here's the video, and please leave any comments below.

Video 1 of 2:

Video 2 of 2: