Fundraising Cribsheet: Guide To The Fundraising Manifesto

Fundraising Cribsheet: Guide To The Fundraising Manifesto

In 2010 I started writing a series of blogs titled "Fundraising Cribsheet" describing our experience raising a $1MM round for

My goal has been to allow other entrepreneurs to raise money more efficiently than the 14 weeks it took us.  Brendan Baker, an MBA student at Oxford University, has added a deep layer of analysis to this experience by doing his thesis on our fundraising experience.  Brendan's initial work is outlined in this blog post, with much more analysis here.

Here is my guide to this manifesto on fundraising, so you can consume the information in the chunks most relevant to you:

Daniel's "Rule Of 10" Angel Intros + $1MM Raise Infographic with Brendan Baker.

Cliff Notes on Raising Your First $1 Million Through AngelList' Keynote + Panel

Interview with Naval Ravikant, co-founder of AngelList, an angel fundraising vehicle I highly recommend

Interview with George Zachary, a partner at Charles River Ventures, on how to approach and pitch Venture Capitalists

Interview with Stephen DeBerry, a partner at Kapor Capital, on recommended deal structures and more

Interview with Shai Goldman, a director at Silicon Valley BankA panel hosted by Shai discussing the differences in raising angel vs. Series A fundingA blog showing visually how 8.47% of the potential investors I spoke to ended up funding us

How to 'Hack Your Funding' by Naval Ravikant of AngelList

Other good resources include: