Force Multiplication and Knowledgebases

Force Multiplication and Knowledgebases

Let me share with you two related thoughts:  What I call "force multiplication" and the concept of building a knowledgebase.  They both have to do with leveraging technology.

First, force multiplication.   Technology gives us the ability to "force multiply" our knowledge and abilities in tremendous ways.  Most people do not leverage this ability.  But just take this blog, for example.  I could call each and every one of you reading this blog and tell you my thoughts.  But instead, I can publish a blog which allows me to communicate my thoughts to thousands of people with the same amount of effort as calling one person.  That's what I mean by 'force multiplication'.

One way to 'force multiply' is by creating a company knowledge base.  And one way to create a company knowledge base is by forcing yourself to NEVER answer an employee's question in an email.  Instead, take the email and put it into an FAQ system (our public one and we have a private Wiki for our employees where we do the same thing.  Anytime a client or an employee asks me a question, instead of emailing them back, I put their email into an FAQ, answer the FAQ and then send them a link to it.  This way, my answer is available for everyone to see, and if (or more likely, when) I get the same question again later, I can re-send that same link.

Although creating a knowledgebase is a little work on the front-end, it's the gift that keeps on giving & pays dividends perpetually.

Here is an example of  an email question I answered:


What does the term "QI" mean?



My answer:


Here's the definition:

And you can find a lot more information about 1031's on that page as well.  Just let me know how I can help you further.



Good luck building your own knowledgebase!