First Look at the New SOMAcentral Startup Space in San Francisco

First Look at the New SOMAcentral Startup Space in San Francisco
UPDATE: We're all moved in! You can see a gallery of pics of the new (finished) space right here, and a video in the comments below.

As you've probably figured out, I do what I can to help entrepreneurs get great press, work as efficiently as possible, raise angel funding, find great, startup-friendly space to work in the city, and generally be as successful as possible. Three years ago, I reviewed a new space called SOMAcentral, which then also grew to encompass a location at One Market street. I also previously reviewed a new spot called Startup HQ.

My startup, Socialize, decided to take space at SOMAcentral on Townsend st, in SOMA by the AT&T Ballpark. We've really enjoyed the vibrancy of being on a floor with 40 other startup companies.

Starting March 1st, SOMAcentral will be moving down the street to 450 Townsend, a new location even closer to Caltrain. Today, I got a first-look tour of that new spot, which is still being built out. Here are pictures and videos from that visit.

If you have a startup and you'd like to be introduced to the property manager, just leave me a comment below and I'll make an intro.

The new space is two levels + a basement. It has bathrooms and a kitchen on each level. There will be offices as well as desks available, with flexible lease durations. No word yet on pricing, but I'll add that here as soon as I know. You can likely plan on spending something less than $5k per month to get your own private office that can fit 10+ people (any fees are all inclusive and include electricity, internet service and all the coffee you can drink). The space has private "phone rooms" on each floor for calls, as well as shared conference rooms. The basement is going to be left open to hold events.

Here's a video I took of the interior:

Here are some pictures:

One of the upstairs office has a door leading to the fire escape:

The upstairs will have a lounge area that gets a ton of sun:

Here are other videos I took: