This is going to be a tough post to write, because unless you're an entrepreneur, you're probably going to take what I have to say the wrong way.

Being an entrepreneur means bending the rules... carefully.  (It does not mean breaking the rules).  Here's an example - a litmus test, if you will - about what the mentality of being an entrepreneur is all about:

If you are male, and you are in a Starbucks, say, or any location that has a "women's" and "men's" bathroom, and the men's bathroom is occupied, would you use the women's bathroom?  Let's assume that it's just 1 person per bathroom, meaning if you were to use the women's bathroom, you could lock the door and know that no other women would come in.

Now, as an entrepreneur, my mentality is that both bathrooms are, generally speaking, exactly the same.  One just has a sign that says "women" and one has a sign that says "men".  To me, I would be bending the rules by using the women's bathroom.  Of course, I would be extra courteous when in the women's bathroom (think: "don't sprinkle when you tinkle"), but I would have no problem using the women's bathroom, because the signage is meant more as a guide than an absolute.  This is the mind of an entrepreneur in action, folks!  Some people would steadfastly argue that the bathrooms are not interchangeable.  If that's your mentality, then you probably wouldn't make a very good entrepreneur.  I'd love to hear your comments on this perspective.


I've been getting some great comments!  Please share yours.  I'm introducing the "Bathroom Entrepreneurial Scale"and would love to know how "entrepreneurial" you are based on your behavior.  Here's the scale, please let me know in the comments section where you land:

Rank yourself on this scale in the comments section:

1) NOT ENTREPRENEURIAL AT ALL - I would never go into a bathroom designated for the opposite sex

2) SOMEWHAT ENTREPRENEURIAL - I would go into an opposite-sex bathroom but only if it's a "1 stall" type of bathroom where I knew nobody else would come in AND I knew that there was no way anyone would ever find out

3) PRETTY ENTREPRENEURIAL - I would go into an opposite-sex bathroom if it were "1 stall" and would not care or be embarrassed if someone from the opposite sex was waiting when I got out

4) OVER-THE-TOP ENTREPRENEURIAL - I would go into a multi-stall opposite sex bathroom if I had to, and risk someone of the opposite sex coming in while I was inside!

NEW ADDITION! 5) TOO ENTREPRENEURIAL (?)- I would go into a multi-stall opposite sex bathroom knowing that someone of the opposite sex was already in there and use a stall next to them!