EarthRoamer Expedition Vehicles

EarthRoamer Expedition Vehicles

I only recently became aware of EarthRoamer, mostly because my wife and I aren’t in the market for a super-upscale camper. EarthRoamers start in the $200k range and can top $500k. However, since we were visiting other camper manufacturers in the Denver area, we decided to stop in, and I’m glad we did.

We met with Mike, one of the owners of EarthRoamer. Although they’ve had a checkered past (Mike told me about a 2008 bankruptcy), the company appears to be in full swing right now. They’ve built almost 125 EarthRoamers in the past 10 years (that averages out to 1 per month) and there were a number of units in various stages of build with many units when we swung by.

Mike obviously cares a lot about his product — you’ll see that in the videos. He’s super knowledgable about all aspects of the build process, and the various design elements have a lot of thought put into them. Some nice touches were the cab pass-through that they custom-make, some bunk beds in the stretched version that were custom built, and a countertop extension that flips up from behind one of the seats.

EarthRoamers are built exclusively on a Ford chassis. EarthRoamer has a deal with Ford where the new vehicle warranty isn’t voided by the customization they do, and in fact it doesn’t start until your EarthRoamer is delivered to you, which is a very nice touch because typically the truck is purchased several week or months before the build is complete. Mike had great things to say about Ford’s newest diesel engine, which can get an incredible 11 to 12 MPG on huge 41? tires with a 17,000 pound vehicle.

If you’re in the market for a truly expedition-ready vehicle and you have the budget, EarthRoamer appears to be a very good option. When we were there, EarthRoamer also had several used units on consignment in the $100k to $125k range. One thing Mike suggested was starting out with a used unit, figuring out what you do and don’t like, and then upgrading to a new unit later. It says a lot about the owner of a company that he was actually suggesting we take that route, when a new EarthRoamer sale would surely be much more lucrative for him. That combined with the fact that multiple EarthRoamer owners are on their second, third and even fourth EarthRoamer gave us a very good vibe.

If you’re in the market for a true expedition vehicle but you don’t have the budget for an EarthRoamer, I’d highly recommend the XP Camper. You can find a full writeup of it here. If you want to research your options a bit more, read this full write-up titled “Our two-year journey choosing a pop-up camper.

There are some pictures below the videos, but click here if you want to see a full gallery of pics we took while at the factory.