DevOps and Big Data are Flipsides of The Same Coin

DevOps and Big Data are Flipsides of The Same Coin

Tesla today became more valuable than Ford and GM combined, which as ArsTechnica writes is "remarkable because GM sold around 20 times as many cars as Tesla in 2019, while Ford sold more than six times as many."

What's driving the vastly greater multiples for TSLA? Data, and specifically Tesla's ability to turn that unique dataset into software features like autonomous driving capabilities.

As this article specifically calls out:

This Wall Street Journal article, "Models Will Run The World" states:

The software revolution has transformed business. What’s next? Processes that constantly improve themselves without need of human intervention.

And more specifically:

"When built right, they create a reinforcing cycle: Their products get better, allowing them to collect more data, which allows them to build better models, making their products better, and onward. These are model-driven businesses. They are being created inside incumbents and startups across a range of industries."

Data is not valuable without an ability to act on that data to create better features, better experiences, better products.

And the DevOps movement is not valuable without having the data to know what to build better, safer and faster.

The Tesla example shows the power of the two coming together, and more broadly, the "reinforcing cycle" of companies using the two in concert to dominate industries.

And that trend is only just beginning.