I'll be the first to tell you that I don't know all that much about the state of mobile advertising today, which is the first thing I said on the panel I was just on at VentureBeat's MobileBeat conference.  I have a perspective as a developer of apps from my past life running a mobile consulting business (which we've since sold), and as a publisher of over 7,000 apps through our AppMakr platform, which integrates AdMob, Millennial Media, Medialets and custom ad units.

I have, however, been getting deep into the world of DSPs, SSPs and RTB (here's a great article about how those crazy acronyms work), and with Socialize, we're building a next-generation Interest Graph out of thousands of mobile apps.  This will provide deep user data for advertisers, which is why I participated on this panel, along with:

Devindra Hardawar, the lead MobileBeat Writer for VentureBeat led the discussion focusing on the past, present, and future waves of mobile advertising, as well as an overview of where mobile advertising is headed.

Here's a video of the panel (sorry audio is so low -- crank it up!):

Daniel a panelist on VentureBeat MobileBeat