Creating Magical Human Experiences, with Magic

Creating Magical Human Experiences, with Magic

I was recently introduced to Magic, a virtual personal assistant, by Mike Chen, the CEO at a recent founder retreat. I'd signed up for Magic a month before on the recommendation of a friend, but I wasn't really sure what it did, so I hadn't actually started using it. I had the idea that Magic was an automated bot and wouldn't be that valuable (I've got "bot fatigue" from dealing with other bots that have been underwhelming).

But I was very wrong! Mike helped me understand what Magic actually does – and the answer is, just about anything you need it to.

Magic is actually pods of ~15 people that are deployed to you to helping you solve problems in your life, paired with a back-end platform to help them maintain context across tasks.

Mike shares in the video above some of the things Magic can do, like:

  • Helping with scheduling
  • Helping book travel
  • Having Batman show up in a hospital room to create a magical experience for a child (yep, really)

It's that last one that I'm especially interested in. Meeting Mike has opened up a whole universe of possibilities for me. I'm going to start by using Magic to create more magical human interactions with the people I interact with by having Magic give me detail on every person I'm scheduled to meet (from my calendar) by researching them online and then sending me a report that I can read before the meeting.

2020 Update:

Magic has posted some videos on how I and Armory have been using Magic: