'Cliff Notes on Raising Your First $1 Million Through AngelList' Keynote + Panel

'Cliff Notes on Raising Your First $1 Million Through AngelList' Keynote + Panel

I recently gave a keynote and was a panelist at Potomac Tech Wire's "Seed and Early Stage Funding Outlook:Raising Capital For Startups" event at the Ritz Carlton in McLean, VA.  You can see the handout I used during my talk at left (click to download PDF).

For those who attended the event, AngelList has graciously allowed me to give away their 90 page e-book titled "Pitching Hacks," their 1,396 page "Venture Hacks Bible" and their sample cap table, which together usually sells for a combined $47.

Below is the full agenda and video.

Seed Stage Outlook 2011 is part of the Potomac Tech Wire breakfast series that brings together senior executives in the Mid-Atlantic to discuss technology issues in a conversational, roundtable environment moderated by the editor of Potomac Tech Wire. The two panels at this event will focus on seed-stage and early-stage funding from the perspective of both entrepreneurs and funders. In addition, a DC-area entrepreneur who recently raised $1 million from various angel investors through AngelList will give a brief presentation on his successful fundraising.

Funders Roundtable:
Jonathan Aberman, Managing Director, Amplifier Ventures
Kiran Hebbar, Partner, Valhalla Partners
John May, Managing Partner, New Vantage Group
Thomas Weithman, Managing Director, CIT GAP Funds
Moderator: Paul Sherman
Additional speakers to be announced

Entrepreneurial Presentation:
"Cliff Notes on Raising Your First $1 Million Through AngelList" by Daniel Odio, Co-founder, AppMakr
Entrepreneurs Roundtable:
Richard Fawal, Founder, WatchParty.tv
Fahad Hassan, CEO,  Always Prepped
Daniel Odio

, Co-Founder, AppMakr and PointAbout
Morris Panner, Co-founder, groupflier
Additional speakers to be announced

Moderator: Paul Sherman

Video (my keynote is at minute 57):