And We're Off to The Races

For the last 3 months, PointAbout has been occupying all of my time, and I'm excited to announce my full-time engagement as co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of PointAbout.  The opportunity is just so massive, it dwarfs everything else I've been doing.  My fiancee Sue has been running the real estate company for the past 3 months and is doing a great job of it.  If you're interested in real estate, the company is alive and well and has experts who can help you buy or sell a property and discuss strategy.

Ok, on to PointAbout.  I've decided I'm going to keep a video blog of PointAbout as the company grows, that I'll publish once we've grown to the appropriate size.  There is so much learning going on that as an entrepreneur I can't bear not to capture it and be able to share it in some manner with other entrepreneurs.  Since much of what we're doing is very sensitive, it'll have to wait until afterwards to be released.  Similar to unsealing classified documents 20 years after the fact, except that in this case it won't be 20 years and we're not dealing with any national secrets!  What we are dealing with is the creation of an entire new industry, one which I'm convinced in 5 years you'll look back and say, "how did I live without this."

Below are a two videos that showcase the beginning of PointAbout and what we're all about.