This is the first of what will be a series of video blogs that I'll be posting as we ramp up a new startup called PointAbout.  In each of these video blogs, I'll give the following disclaimers:

1) There may be a long delay between the time I video blog about an event and when I post it.  I won't be posting any content until all of it is publicly known, and since I want to be able to give a real, full account of what's happening at the company, by definition that means that sometimes I'll have to withhold some content for a while (maybe even years).  This is a long-term project, so that's OK with me.  I'll release what I can, when I can.

2) I'll be using a service called Callwave to transcribe the video content into text.  If you're curious as to why, you can learn about it here.

Here's my first post: